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Dan Brown’s "Inferno:" Following Langdon’s Footsteps through Florence

November 2016 |
In the first weeks of October in Florence, the beautiful city of Tuscany was the background for the celebration of the world premiere of “Inferno,” Ron Howard’s new movie inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller. The press...

My Trip to Castel di Sangro

October 2016 |
Posto a circa 800 metri sul livello del mare, Castel di Sangro è un piccolo ma vivace comune della provincia dell’Aquila, in Abruzzo. Nella sua storia travagliata e millenaria, che risale almeno all’VIII o IX secolo, il borgo...

Sicilian Sisters Travel

September 2016 |
Sicilian Sisters Travel è un’agenzia di viaggi specializzata in tour della Sicilia e di altre zone dell’Italia. Alle visite di gruppo si affiancano proposte di itinerari personalizzati su richiesta del cliente....

The Magic of Villa Zingale

September 2016 |
In the rolling hills of Tuscany sits a charming set of mustard villas, sparkling pools, and acres upon acres of olive and grape trees owned by the Zingale family. The villas have been around for between 50 and 1,000 years; they’ve seen war in...

Palermo's Square of Shame

August 2016 |
On the vast coastline of Sicily, the setting of Palermo is a mix of Asian and European architecture ranging in style from Arabic to Norman to baroque and Art Nouveau. Not too distant from the center of this historic city is the Piazza Pretoria,...

Between Sacred and Profane: San Domenico Abate di Cocullo

August 2016 |
During the summer months, Italy celebrates an eventful period which encompasses the traditions of a land that boasts ancient rituals, sometimes blending the sacred with the profane. A good example that has always caught my interest is the...

Walking through the Pisan Hills

July 2016 |
It is wonderful discovering a Tuscany still little known, but full of charm and authenticity! The city of Pisa is famous worldwide for its leaning tower, but not everyone knows that the hilly and rural part of the province boasts a variety of...

Rabbi Barbara Aiello Welcomes Intern in Italy

July 2016 |
L'Ebraismo ricostruzionista è stato fondato negli Stati Uniti dal rabbino Mordecai Kaplan e dal rabbino Ira Eisenstein. Il movimento - che è caratterizzato da una maggiore attenzione ad alcuni aspetti tradizionali come l'uso della...

Italia with Bambini

May 2016 |
Any parent that has ever traveled with a small child knows the feeling. You’re walking through a crowded airport. You’re sweaty and flustered from security lines where you’ve taken off shoes, emptied your pockets, folded...
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