Spello's Infiorate: A Floral Night

Spello, an ancient commune in Umbria, is in full blossom every year on Sunday morning of Corpus Domini, 60 days after Easter. On this day, the Host is carried in solemn procession over stunning floral tapestries carpeting Spello’s medieval alleyways and piazzas.

To share in la passione spellana for le Infiorate, you will want to be in Spello around 9 p.m. on the Saturday night prior when the all-night laborers begin creating the floral masterpieces. The Umbrian medieval hill town fills with visitors coming to see the Infiorate-in-progress as infioratori of all ages work under tents on their group’s art work.

Visitors wander from tent to tent pausing in Spello’s medieval alleyways, draped with flowers, to capture a photographic memento of this magical night.

Others sip vino and munch panini di prosciutto at outdoor tables of the small trattorie while others stop for a slice of pizza, served with a floral touch.

Musicians play on the streets and many groups of infioratori set up wooden tables in courtyards below their homes and take a break to feast on Umbrian delights.

All over town, you’ll see groups slipping flower petals off the stems into boxes or snipping petals into small pieces: they’ll be used in the floral tapestries (for months, spellani have been gathering flowers in fields and on the mountains and meeting in the evenings to prepare the petals).

In every tent, the floral design is displayed near a written explanation of its significance. It’s truly a majestic spectacle for all.