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About the Author: Carlo Levi

January 2020
Where do you live? Some place rural where the air is clean and you know your neighbors? Maybe you are an urban dweller, attracted to the excitement and diversity of a big city. Now, imagine all of that taken away. Imagine someone from the...

A Sicilian Hero

December 2019
Don Giuseppe Puglisi nasce in una borgata palermitana, figlio di un calzolaio e di una sarta. Il 15 settembre 1993, giorno del suo 56° compleanno, viene ucciso dalla mafia nelle vicinanze della propria abitazione. Sin dai primi anni della propria...

About the Author: Giuseppe di Lampedusa

October 2019
In 1861, Count Klemens von Metternich said that Italy was nothing more than a geographic expression. Indeed, when he said this it was just a year after the Handshake of Teano. One short year could hardly wipe out millennia of campanillisimo, a...

About the Author: Emilio Salgari

August 2019
When I was a boy, I loved the great adventure authors typically read, in my day, by adolescent males. You know the list; Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Vern, Tolkien, and the like. They transported me from my little pedestrian corner of the world to...

About the Author: Mario Puzo

July 2019
One of the many benefits of traveling to Italy, especially to Italian Americans, is that you experience firsthand the differences between Italian and Italian American culture. For me, some of these differences were quite surprising. One of the most...

About the Author: Elena Ferrante

June 2019
I would like to begin with a confession. Last November, when I started watching the HBO series, “My Brilliant Friend,” I knew nothing about Elena Ferrante. The series seemed nothing more than a story of two girls growing up in Napoli. Then I...

Umberto Eco

May 2019
Literature, as is the case with all forms of art, evolves. At times it is more of a revolution than an evolution where the old rules are completely cast aside for more unconventional forms of expression. In the world of literature, we can see this...

Dianne Hales: Notable Italian Author

April 2019
As I look across my shelves of books on Italy, I note there are authors whose works stand out from the rest. Some are especially informative, while others have an engaging writing style, others still are just plain fun to read. However, there are a...

Italo Calvino: Notable Italian Author

March 2019
Intellettuale di grande impegno politico, civile e culturale, Italo Calvino è stato uno dei narratori italiani più importanti del secondo Novecento. Noto soprattutto per la sfumatura più sognante, avvolta in un’aura fantastica e quasi...

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