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Saving History: Italian Wine Traditions Event at Cleveland History Center

June 2018 |
The afternoon of Saturday June 16th promises to be a very enjoyable one at the Cleveland History Center in University Circle – especially if you are into wines and winemaking!  From 1:00-4:00p.m. the CHC will host History on Tap:...

Opera in the Italian Garden 2018

June 2018 |
L’atteso appuntamento annuale con Opera in the Italian Cultura Garden torna domenica 29 luglio dalle 18,00 alle 19,30 nella splendida cornice dell’Italian Cultural Garden a Rockefeller Park a Cleveland. L’iniziativa, presentata gratuitamente...

Collages of the Greats

June 2018 |
No other artist captures the intensity of sport like Thomas Salomon. He dramatically interprets his love for the game in the one style that best reflects its grit and excitement: abstract expressionism. His one-of-a-kind mixed media collages are...

Saving History: WWI Exhibit Features Italians

May 2018 |
Visitors to the Cleveland History Center in University Circle can learn about Cleveland during WWI in the Center’s central exhibition Cleveland Starts Here®. During this centennial year of the War’s end, the CHC offers visitors the opportunity to...
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The 1873 Coal War: Speakers to Present on the First Italians in the Mahoning Valley

May 2018 |
Chi furono i primi immigranti italiani a stabilirsi nella valle del Mahoning? Ben Lariccia e Connie Tarr-Bostardi parleranno degli eventi che portarono all’arrivo degli italiani nella zona durante lo sciopero dei minatori di carbone del 1873,...

Nominations Being Accepted for Cleveland Italian Heritage Month

May 2018 |
The city of Cleveland annually kicks off Italian American Heritage Month with a celebration at City Hall on the first Monday in October. This year, the event will be on Monday, October 1, 2018 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Mayor Frank G. Jackson...

The Third Triumvirate

May 2018 |
There is a reason why the Roman Republic was one of the greatest civilizations in the history of the world. Twice in its history, the Roman Republic formed Triumvirates, each consisting of three leaders that unified the Republic and made it...

Learn Italian at WRHS Cleveland History Center

May 2018 |
Another session of Italian language classes is being offered at the Cleveland History Center in University Circle. The eight-week courses are taught by native speaker Serena Scaiola and are offered at $100 for members of the Western Reserve...

Saving History: Salvatore Artino's WWI Souvenir

April 2018 |
Un fazzoletto che commemora la vittoria dell’Italia nella Iª guerra mondiale è stato donato agli archivi della collezione italo americana del WRHS. L’oggetto è decorato con una mappa dell’Italia che include le nuove regioni che la nazione avrebbe...
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