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Mary Papaolo Facchini: A Successful Life in the Mahoning Valley Nourished by Strong Italian Roots

January 2017 |
My mother, Maria/Mary, was born in 1931 in Sulmona, Italy during the Great Depression to parents of very modest means. Actually, her life was not much different from that of her parents or even her grandparents. The house had no running water or...
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Deana Martin Sings Dino on NEW YEAR’S EVE

December 2016 |
New Year’s Eve brings the daughter of Dean Martin to Columbus, OH. Deana Martin sings Dino and premiers her new album, “Swing Street.” Deana appears with a 17-piece orchestra for a dinner, show and dance. Enjoy original tunes,...

Perrino Builders and Remodeling on the Move

December 2016 |
Perrino Builders and Remodeling è in procinto di trasferirsi dall’attuale sede a Mayfield Heights in un nuovo, molto più ampio spazio espositivo a Chesterland dedicato alla progettazione e alla costruzione di abitazioni e arredo...
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Saving history: Hope Finds Fiorelli

December 2016 |
They called him the “East Side Baritone.” William Angelo Fiorelli was just a teenager when his melodious voice developed and he sang wherever he could in his home town of Cleveland. The son of Charles and Grace Fiorelli, immigrants from...

Adriana Caso and Her Art

November 2016 |
My grandfather came to America from Sicily through Ellis Island in 1925 with his brother and cousin. Later, my grandmother also joined him. He was a metal worker and worked on the railroad. My father was a first generation Italian American...
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Louis Adovasio: He Tamed the Mahoning River!

November 2016 |
Debiti e decessi per infortuni sul lavoro afflissero spesso la vita dei primi immigrati che trovarono un impiego nei cantieri nella valle della contea di Mahoning. Uno di loro, Louis Adovasio, riuscì, invece, a superare i vincoli e le...
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Wine Making in Pittsburgh's Strip District

November 2016 |
It's wine-making time in Pittsburgh. The leaves are changing color, there's a cold snap in the air and the smell of grapes fermenting is everywhere in the Strip District. As early as 6 a.m., you can see the cars and pick-ups rolling up to the...

His Zucchini is Bigger Than a Baseball Bat!

November 2016 |
Harvest time is virtually over for everyone but retired butcher Armand DiGeronimo of Novelty, OH; his summertime Sicilian zucchini will be the talk of the town into winter because of their colossal size. The seeds donated from a St. Anselm Catholic...

Dominic’s Dream: A "Grand Slam" of Success

November 2016 |
Ogni anno UH Rainbow Babies & Children Hospital si prende cura di circa 800 pazienti affetti da rare malattie del sangue tra cui emofilia, anemia aplastica, talassemia e disordini piastrinici. Una diagnosi precoce, unita ad un tempestivo e...
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