Myra Robinson

The "other" Pisa

January 2017
“The trouble with Italy,” an Australian tourist said to me recently, “is that there are too many museums and churches.” Of course, she was right, in a way, but can you have too much of a good thing? Certainly, if you travel...

The grand tour exhibition at the Villa Pisani

December 2016
Dr. Johnson was of the opinion that a man who had not seen Italy was is some way lacking culture. Certainly, in his day anyone with a classical education did “The Grand Tour” and a recent exhibition at the Villa Pisani demonstrates...

Sogno di una notte di mezza estate: Shakespeare in Italy

November 2016
A 400 anni di distanza dalla morte di William Shakespeare, tutto il mondo ricorda con una ricca serie di celebrazioni, iniziative e rivisitazioni lo scrittore più osannato della storia inglese. L'Italia è molto presente nella vasta...

An unforgettable stay in Tuscany

July 2016
Nel suo ultimo racconto, “The best mud in Italy”, la scrittrice britannica Myra Robinson presenta una galleria di eccentrici e divertenti personaggi immersi sullo sfondo di una tranquilla cittadina termale e dei suoi benefici fanghi...

The Floating Nativity of Battaglia Terme

December 2014
Battaglia Terme these days is an unremarkable, faded spa town on the fringes of the Euganean Hills in the Veneto, south of Padua. It had its early origins in the 12th and 13th centuries, first coming to prominence when its canal was constructed to...

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