Italian American Heritage Family Picnic

The Italian American Community of Akron, Summit County and NE Ohio is coming together to celebrate our traditions of faith, family and community. Many have participated in efforts the past couple years to bring the Italian American community of Akron and Summit County together and help the various clubs and individuals focus on positive efforts and the future. We are planning an event, the Italian American Heritage Family Picnic, on Sunday, Sept. 30 at the M.A.P.S. Museum near the Akron/Canton Airport, rain or shine, from 12-6 p.m. to bring clubs, individuals and those who wish they were of Italian heritage from all of NE Ohio, concentrating on Summit and Stark counties. This event is modeled after the traditional Italian family reunions where folks are welcome to bring food and their family traditions to celebrate and share with others. We will have a Mass at noon, entertainment (Avanti Italian band and a 70’s/80’s band), a few food stands by local restaurants, and games including Morra, Scopa and bocce, cooking classes, language classes, and possible displays for genealogy, travel to Italy and local Italian history by the Akron Public Library. The event will be publicized on many radio stations and a Facebook page is located at:

Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The purpose of the event is to bring the community together and to show the younger generations about Italian family traditions and to hopefully entice them to join our organizations and/or get ideas for what they would like to see to get them closer to the Italian American community and learn about its history as well as perpetuate these traditions going forward. The events of the last year surrounding the Columbus Day challenge in the City of Akron created momentum by mobilizing the community to stop the efforts to eliminate a day of pride for Italian Americans and this new event is one way to keep that momentum going. Please consider attending this inaugural event to celebrate our many traditions and to kick off the Italian Heritage and Culture month of October!