Stephen N. Fliegel

Stephen N. Fliegel, contributing writer, Curator of Medieval Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art


May 2015
In the 1490s, the Italian humanist, Giovanni Pontano, extolled the virtues of dining as one of the most important social activities. In Italian households of the Renaissance, there was no place more suitable for expressing social aspirations,...

A Masterpiece of Italian Goldsmithing

April 2015
It is natural to focus upon sculpture and painting when visiting Italian museums. Italy's international reputation in the arts is rightly established by her artistic genius in these media, and she was, of course, the cradle of the Renaissance. Who...

An Altarpiece by Ugolino da Siena

January 2015
Visitors to the Cleveland Museum of Art's Italian Trecento gallery will notice that it is dominated by a painting from Tuscany. An altarpiece painted by the Sienese artist, Ugolino di Nerio da Siena (about 1280-1349), forms a major sightline object...

The Adoration of the Magi

December 2014
Some of the most sublime works of art produced in Italy during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance related to the events surrounding the nativity of Jesus. Many of the great artists of this period such as Masaccio, Duccio, Fra Angelico, and...

Missal for the Franciscans of Montone

November 2014
Il Messale Caporali è opera di Bartolomeo e Giapeco Caporali, fratelli perugini considerati due degli artisti umbri più importanti del 15esimo secolo. Proveniente dal convento di San Francesco a Montone, cittadina umbra, il capolavoro...

The Terracottas of Renaissance Florence

September 2014
Florence is rightly regarded as the epicenter of the Renaissance. Each summer, the city teems with visitors from around the world. Some of which are academics, students, and writers, but many are casual visitors wishing to experience the city's...

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