SkyKing Fireworks

July 4 is Independence Day, a national holiday on which Americans celebrate a declared independence from Great Britain that occurred on July 4, 1776. This patriotic day is commemorated with countless outdoor events celebrated with families and communities and at nighttime, in many locales, the skies are lit with splashes of fireworks. SkyKing Fireworks of Edinburg, PA with their mega superstore inventory of 5,000 items is a major supplier.

In 2002, partners Vito Yeropoli and Ron Carabbia started their enterprise at 612 Martin Kelly Spear Rd. “Each year business keeps getting better,” said Yeropoli, the township board chairman who has served the community of 3,600 for six years, following in the footsteps of his father Anthony, who served on the Mahoning County Board for 12 years. His family roots extend to Reggio Calabria.

Every August, SkyKing Fireworks sends a purchasing crew to China to buy the newest and latest kits – often 200 and 500-gram “cakes” and assortments of multi colors and shots. Their inventory includes all things from sparklers, bottle rockets, Roman candles, and firecrackers to finale cakes, showering vivid sprays and mortars.

Open for business with extended hours since May 1, SkyKing Fireworks, located just outside of Poland and Boardman, OH, markets “the big stuff” and everything else in a retail, festival and show business. According to Yeropoli, in addition to selling fireworks for the July 4 celebrations, they also design fireworks displays for special events such as birthdays, graduations, sporting occasions, weddings, and festivals.

“Among the hottest items are the American flag explosives that splash brilliant red, white and blue in the sky,” said Yeropoli. Budgets vary depending on how long and how much of a show is wanted or needed.

SkyKing Fireworks is also a major supplier for the City of New Castle and New Castle School District events as well as the St. Margaret and Sons of Italy festivals.