An American Brunch in Verona

I was missing America. I was particularly missing those sweet-meets-salty moments you only experience at weekend brunches. I had a taste (or two) in my palate and had a strong feeling that I would find them here in Verona, Italy. So, I started researching and interviewing locals and there it was: Elk Bakery!

Literally a bridge walk from the historical city center, it is located at the entrance of the more residential Borgo Trento neighborhood. The first impression is that you are in a contemporary Ikea-style mixed with a more country Scandinavian interior with a few creative touches (such as bottoms of espresso pots holding sugar packets or a black chalkboard wall with specials and drinks highlighted on it).

The crowd is made up of 25-35s and yuppies but also lots of internationals and/or expats passing by. I interacted with Swedish, Americans, Brits, Polish, Germans, Austrians, and even Koreans. I say whatever your age, you should give it a try once. Although the menu was an interesting multicultural blend, and bilingual in English and Italian, I would say it primarily resonated “American:” pancakes, bagels, eggs and bacon, muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, American coffees (even flavored), but also wild Norwegian salmon and gazpachos.

Because I went spontaneously in the middle of the week, I actually missed the brunch experience but created my own by ordering a few dishes off the a la carte menu. So, if you want to experience it, you must go on Saturday or Sunday. I would call and make reservations. The space is lovely but a bit small. Also know that while drinks and a few dishes match the U.S. for prices, others felt a bit too pricey. But, I highly recommend Elk Bakery if you love/miss the U.S. or simply want to be immersed in and enjoy a different kind of day and culinary experience! For more info, visit

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