Molise: A Region of Special Beauty and Undiscovered Richness

In his book “The History of Molise & Abruzzo Italy,” Giuseppe Ferrone describes Molise as “a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty, a land of unspoiled nature, stunningly diverse landscapes, amazing history and traditions, delicious local wine and food.” Ferrone’s quote is so important because it highlights so much beauty of an area considered by many to be a second-rate region in the Italian peninsula. 

Many Italians, in fact, have never visited this area so close to them and know little about it. Some people are even unsure of its geographical location. In recent years, due to its small size and internal problems, it has even been bullied with the hashtag “Il Molise non esiste” (Molise does not exist), an absurd statement that ironically has helped turn the spotlight on


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