Calabria Treasures

 Offering Vintage Home Goods to Revive Memories and Help South Italy’s Struggling Economy

Calabria Treasures is the brainchild of Barbara Aiello and Lidia Cosentino, two Calabrian women who are dedicated to helping their own Italian village of Serrastretta and surrounding small towns to combat the hardships brought about by a stagnant economy, made worse by the current pandemic. “We offer vintage items to Italian families who live all over the world but who long for a piece of their heritage – something special to hold in their hands and to remember their parents or grandparents,” says Lidia Cosentino, one of the founders of Calabria Treasures. 

Lidia’s partner, Barbara Aiello, agrees, “When I greeted my neighbor as he organized his workshop, I noticed that he had set aside an old ceramic olive container and ornate window handles. It occurred to me that there are American, Canadian and Australian families with Italian Calabrian roots who would appreciate having a memento from the area that represents their ancestral home.” Barbara and Lidia coupled heritage with economy and the Calabria Treasures consignment program was born!

As they gathered these vintage treasures, beautiful examples of Calabrian history such as hand-crocheted table runners, ceramic fireplace cookpots and even handmade chairs, the women assured locals that any item they offered would net them one half of the selling price – a consignment program that would put Euros in the pockets of Calabrian families, a significant benefit to the region.

Felice Maria Molinaro, mayor of Serrastretta is enthusiastic about the initiative. He says, “Calabria Treasures is truly a commendable project that highlights Calabria’s rich history and the taste and elegance of our area. It is also an excellent marketing tool.”

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