Dopo Cena

It has always been so enjoyable to get out of the house after dinner for a leisurely due passi, particularly during the summer months. 

The common tradition of fare due passi after sunset remains strong, particularly if spending a period of villeggiatura along the beautiful Italian coastline or at a countryside villa nearby a local paese (fig. 1). This is the perfect time to stroll around, maybe to get one more caffè or a gelato (fig. 2) or simply to enjoy the evening breeze.

I personally always find a good reason for walking around di sera with its vanishing light. The atmosphere and the different mood captured with my camera at these times (figs. 3,4) become a strong motivation for me, no matter where I might be visiting. 

Roma, Venezia or Firenze are simply spectacular at night (figs. 5,6,7) when most tourists have gone and the traffic has died down. But, even some unknown town (fig. 8) can create wonderful moments to capture. Country fairs, the sagra di paese (fig. 9), are a great time for many villages to showcase their unique products (fig. 10), often accompanied by traditional musical (fig. 11) and culinary pleasures (fig. 12). 

Yet, the best part of an evening spent without a set schedule is often what might suddenly surprise you...including that unexpected summer rain (fig. 13)!