Segni dell'Italia

Figura 1 - Like in urban America, graffiti is everywhere in Italy. I see a doomsday message about the climate, spaceships and assault rifles. What do you see? 

Figura 2 - Pinto I Pavimenti del Sogno. Ceramiche Tipiche. Paint the pavement with dreams! Typical pottery. Vietri Sul Mare, at the entrance to the Amalfi coast, renowned for its ceramics.

Figura 3 - Vietri Sul Mare, in the province of Salerno. Ingresso Risevato alle Persone Felici!! Only happy people can enter this shop!! 

Figura 4 - Minori, on the Amalfi coast. High up on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean is Agriturismo Villa Maria, a lemon farm. At the bottom of the many stairs that lead up to it is this sign, “Don’t give up climbing all those stairs because you will find paradise with an incredible view.” The 50 steps to the Agriturismo from where we parked our car was nothing compared to the nearly 500 steps from Villa Maria down to Minori and the sea!

Figura 7 - Where else but in Perugia, Umbria, Italy, will you find the best chocolates in the world and my favorite character, Pinocchio. Surely, he is lying when he says he does not like chocolate!!

Figura 8 - Graffiti in Rome rivals that of Los Angeles. Stairs leading down to the Tiber River.

Figura 9 - Inspired by graffiti (an ancient art form itself), artist William Kentridge’s 550-meter long “Triumphs and Laments” along the walking path beside the Fiume Tevere/Tiber River, pictures scenes from ancient Rome’s history and myths that will be visible on the walls until they fade away.

Figura 10 - Matera. Italians take pride in Organic ingredients in their foods, which they call Biologici. They also take pride in small, family-run businesses. Organic and vegan gelato! What could be better?

Figura 11 - Vietri Sul Mare. Amami come nessuno ha mai fatto G.F. Love me like no one ever did girlfriend. Italians are purported to be passionate lovers and apparently will express that publicly.

Figura 12 - Sign in a Pugliese deli that embodies how Italians relate to food. Proverbio pugliese del giorno. Bread that sings, Wine that jumps, cheese that cries.

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