Se Potessi Andare

Our world has certainly been turned into a new world over the last few months and it has been particularly difficult for me, and also for many of you, to realize that the possibility to comfortably travel back to Italy any time soon may be impossible. 

Looking back at images from prior trips, I found many depicting some simple pleasures perhaps not well appreciated at the time, but very desirable given the current reality. I wish I could go back to Bracciano, near Rome, to spend a few hours sailing around its little lake (fig. 1) under a warm afternoon sun while planning a quiet dinner at the local trattoria (fig. 2) before going back to the city. Back in Rome, it would be wonderful to wander around Trastevere (fig. 3) on my way to Piazza Navona (fig. 4) for a gelato al fresco while listening to some stornelli romani (fig. 5). An evening walk along the Tevere (fig. 6) would be the perfect way to end the day!

I remember going to Frascati years ago, where many Romans will often travel for the best porchetta (fig. 7), always well worth the trip! A peaceful creek on the way to Umbria (fig. 8) once became a brief stop for a little fishing while travelling to Leonessa (fig. 9), a small medieval town in the middle of a vast green valley surrounded by mountains including the Terminillo (fig. 10), one of the preferred weekend skiing destinations near Rome. The view from my condo‚Äôs upstairs bedroom window (fig. 11) is always magical and I really wish I could be back there soon to walk around the always quiet, narrow streets of this paese (fig. 12) looking for the tartufi, the porcini and the tasty local salsicce (fig. 13). 

Back to Roma and to that unique Campari bar (fig. 14) before one more pizza (fig. 15) at Paolo's outstanding pizzeria! 

I guess these are only dreams at the moment, but maybe soon they will become reality once again!

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