11 Italian Greats in Sports and Italian Insights

“11 Italian Greats in Sports and Italian Insights” by Al Bruno is an Italian sports and culture publication presenting some of his best Italian sports stories and Italian cultural insights. Al Bruno’s insights reveal Italian events and cultural experiences he lived and observed along the way as a first-generation Italian American growing up in Buffalo, NY. The book primarily focuses on the successes of 11 Italian sporting legends by traveling through a time tunnel, remembering and honoring Italian sports heroes from the 1940s to today.   

Al Bruno is a teacher and writer and has been reporting on sports events and personalities since his college days at Canisius College in the late 1970s. His passion and insight in sports are fueled by his experiences as a published sportswriter, high school coach and athlete. 

From Vince Lombardi to Yogi Berra to Rick Cassatta, Bruno takes readers on a journey through the lives of these legendary Italian athletes. Bruno also detours from the sports talk to offer an inside look into growing up Italian in the Buffalo, NY area. 

Readers will quickly connect with Bruno’s passion not only for sports, but for his conviction that the Italian traits of these athletes is what made them the legends they are today. “…these 11 sporting greats wanted very much to forge their own distinct identity, helping their families see, experience and benefit from the ‘American Dream’ and making their parents proud of their efforts…And they succeeded in unimaginable ways for all to appreciate and retell for years to come,” he writes. 

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