The Italian prime minister said Covid rules will soon be lifted

A month after Italy’s prime minister said a timeline for easing Covid rules would be announced “soon,” regional leaders are now pushing to implement changes to the rules as soon as possible, according to Italian media reports. Prime Minister Mario Draghi initially announced that the government was working on a timeline for easing Covid rules on February 7, without going into detail. On February 19, he said there would be a “gradual” end to the country’s health pass requirement and indicated that his “road map” for easing restrictions was on the way. On February 23, Draghi announced that Italy’s Covid state of emergency would end on March 31 and confirmed plans to “gradually” remove the ‘super green pass’ requirement at many venues from April. But any further details of the plan are yet to materialize, as of press time. And with the government now focusing its attention on the situation in Ukraine, leads of Italian regional governments are writing up a proposal, Italian media reports, in order to give certainty to business owners, residents and visitors, who still have little idea of what to expect in terms of Covid restrictions in Italy beyond March 31. Regions are reportedly pushing for the green pass requirement to end on April 1 and for rules on wearing masks indoors to be scrapped by Easter. The president of Italy’s regional conference, Massimiliano Fedriga, said the first thing to go should be the current strict checks on compliance with green pass rules, in order to “save what remains of the first instalment of the tourist season, the Easter holidays,” reported Repubblica. “All [of Italy’s] competitors, from Spain to Greece, have already reopened and those who have not yet done so completely, such as Greece, have announced the date of the return to normal,” Repubblica noted. At the moment, under rules implemented under the state of emergency, regional governments have the power to implement stricter measures locally than those put in place at a national level but are not allowed to ease rules without approval from the government.

Il primo ministro Mario Draghi ha dichiarato il 7 febbraio che le restrizioni del COVID saranno alleggerite. Ha spiegato che il governo sta preparando una sequenza temporale per cambiare le restrizioni e per cambiare la legge del Green Pass. Il 19 febbraio, ha detto che il cambiamento sarà graduale e il 31 marzo, il suo piano sarà pubblicato. Quando quest’articolo e stato scritto, non c’erano ancora spiegazioni della sua sequenza temporale. Il governo italiano ha cambiato il suo scopo sulla guerra in Ucraina. Siccome Draghi ancora non si è pronunciato e non sta parlando di quello che il governo dovrebbe fare, i proprietari delle agenzie italiane non sono contenti perché vogliono avere questa informazione anche se c’è la guerra.Tanti italiani vogliono che le leggi sul Green Pass cambino per il primo aprile. Vogliono anche che le restrizioni per le mascherine obbligatorie all'interno  saranno tolte specialmente per quando i turisti arriveranno in Italia per Pasqua. Spagna e Grecia hanno già tolto le restrizioni sulle mascherine e il loro Green Pass.