A Taste of Home at Carmella's Café

December 2015 |
La Gazzetta spoke with co-manager of Carmella's Café, Lisa Kelso. La Gazzetta (LG): Good afternoon, Lisa. Thanks so much for inviting La Gazzetta to your restaurant. The minute you walk in you see old family photos. That's not a...

The Pride of Youngstown

October 2015 |
On June 4, 1933, the fog continued to frustrate the impatient crowd massed at the Lansdowne Airport, Youngstown's first municipal airfield. There was little trace of the single engine plane that carried the daring pilot who had decided against...

Lowellville: The Mahoning Valley's Unofficial Little Italy

August 2015 |
Lowellville is a small village nestled along the banks of the Mahoning River, just west of the Pennsylvania border and nine miles from Youngstown. You won't find the streets busy with tourists like you do in the big city "Little Italys" around the...

St. Rocco's, Youngstown

January 2014 |
Youngstown, Ohio, never developed a centralized little Italy. Instead, the city's mostly southern Italian settlers chose to live near the foundries, rail yards, and steel mills where Germans, Spaniards, Welsh, Slavs, Irish, African American, and...

Buon Natale from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

December 2012 |
A blessed, holy and Merry Christmas 2012! Buon Natale! Recently a friend from many Christmases past asked me to describe what Christmas is like, from a pastor's point of view, at the Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Youngtown. This friend who is...
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