Pamela Dorazio Dean

Pamela Dorazio Dean, Associate Curator for Italian American History, Western Reserve Historical Society

Italian Ambassador Visits Cleveland History Center

September 2016
The recent Republican National Convention brought a lot of different people to Cleveland. In addition to the politicos were dignitaries, namely ambassadors from 70 different countries. Their interest was not only to observe the convention process...

Italian American Women’s Network to Share Stories and Family Recipes at Alta House

September 2016
The 6th annual IAWN Show and Share Potluck is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 28 starting at 6 p.m. at the Alta House in Little Italy, 12510 Mayfield Rd. This free event is open to anyone who wishes to share and listen to stories about their Italian...

Katherine and Josephine Ferrando: The Fame Blessed Sisters!

August 2016
They danced all over Cleveland, all over Ohio and on many national stages. They were a hit on the famed R.K.O. Vaudeville Circuit. They received top billing in the performer line-up with notable tag lines such as “The Fame Blessed...

Learn Italian at the WRHS Cleveland History Center this Fall

August 2016
Last spring, the Western Reserve Historical Society launched the Basic Italian class taught by Serena Scaiola, a native speaker of Italian with many years of teaching experience at all levels in several local Universities. The class was quite...

Traditional Italian Folk Dancing

February 2015
When we think of Italian folk dancing, we often think of the tarantella. This is the most popular of all Italian folk dances, probably because it originated in Southern Italy, and approximately 80% of the Italians who immigrated to America during...

Starting Your Family History Project

October 2013
Have you ever thought about organizing your family history so it is preserved and can be passed on to future generations? Or, creating a family tree to see all of your relatives and how you are all linked? This is genealogy. The search for, and...

Making the Connection with Your Italian Heritage

October 2011
Sei di discendenza Italiana e sei cresciuto orgoglioso di essere Italiano? Tanti di noi abbiamo vissuto la nostra vita uniti con i nostri famigliari e abbiamo seguito le nostre tradizioni con i nostri nonni, genitori, fratelli,...

Finding the Way Back to the Garlic Corners

August 2010
In the Remembering section of the January 2009 issue of LA GAZZETTA ITALIANA, I read the biography of Alturo Pietraroia, a Clevelander with Italian roots who grew up in the Bellaire Road area. The biography mentioned that after immigrating to...

Preserving and discovering Italian American history at the Western Reserve Historical Society

June 2010
Gli Italiani sono uno dei più grandi gruppi immigrati in questa regione. Ci hanno dato e continuano a dare un contributo positivo in tutti gli aspetti della vita, con esperienze uniche. Il lavoro di Pamela Dorazio Dean - curatrice della...

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