Sarah Triscaro: 100-Years-Young

Sarah (Liotta) Triscaro was born in Cleveland on May 1, 1919 on E. 144th and Kinsman to a working-class father and a housewife during the Depression. Anthony Liotta and Josephine (Fazio) Liotta were immigrants from Sicily. Anthony was from Provincia Messina and Josephine from Sant'Agata. They had immigrated together to the U.S., settled in Cleveland and married around 1907. Sarah had seven brothers and sisters, all of which her mother gave birth to at home with the help of a midwife.

Anthony worked as a construction worker and then foreman, forced to move his family twice within their Cleveland neighborhood after losing his first house to the Depression. Josephine was a traditional Sicilian mother – a hardworking homemaker.

In 1937, Sarah graduated from John Adams High School. As were the times, most Italian Americans did not attend college and her family was no exception. Without the


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