Fiat Fiat

Not a lot of people know that this is FIAT's third return to America. The first introduction was in 1907 with a plant in Poughkeepsie, New York. They manufactured luxury cars that sold for $3,500. Because of pressure in Italy due to WWI they had to close shop and go back to Italy to make trucks for the war effort.

I try to talk to most of our customers who come into our studio for service. They are very happy with the FIAT's. They have almost all become FIAT enthusiasts just like the owners of the FIAT's from the 1960's to the mid 1980's. Who can forget such memorable models as the 124 Spider, the 128 or the X19, among others? We cannot leave out the Alpha's, like the one Dustin Hoffman made famous in the Graduate, a 1600 Spider Duetto.

In January 2011 FIAT returned to America with the FIAT 500. Originally, they brought us their models; the Pop, the Sport and the Lounge. They soon added the 500C model/Cabrio in a Pop and Lounge model. These are followed by the much anticipated Abarth and 500T. FIAT also now has an Abarth Cabrio, automatic Abarth and 500T.

Today, FIAT has eight models of the 500, plus four specialty models. They have over 15 color combinations and several interior choices.

In mid-2014 we received the 500L in four models; the Pop, the Easy, the Trekking and the Lounge. It is their first five passenger model providing us a broader market to sell. The extensive group of people we sell to range from high school students to baby boomers. I have several families who are multiple FIAT households.

Fast forward to mid-2015, we will see a new vehicle, the 2016 500X, our first 4 x 4 sport utility vehicle.