Jennifer Spitalieri

Jennifer Spitalieri, contributing writer, Cleveland, Ohio


July 2016
Watermelons are synonymous with summer and picnics. Made up of about 92% water, watermelons are actually full of health benefits. The refreshing fruit is soaked with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And, it is low in calories! A member of the...

Dominick Farinacci, Short Stories

June 2016
Dominick Farinacci, arguably one of the best musicians of his generation, is set to release his debut recording with Mack Avenue Records, “Short Stories,” on June 10, 2016. Born in Cleveland, OH, Dominick began playing trumpet in the...

An interview with Giada Valenti

March 2016
Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Giada Valenti over the phone. If I chose one word to describe her, it would be lovely. Not just her obviously beautiful outwardly appearance, but her kind-hearted, humbling, down-to-earth personality. It...

Stephen N. Fliegel

September 2015
La Gazzetta's first featured Person of the Month is none other than our contributing writer, Stephen N. Fliegel! Hailing from Cleveland Heights, OH, Stephen is the Curator of Medieval Art for the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's only fitting that he...

There's a Travel App for That!

June 2015
Travel has come a long way from calling your local travel agent, removing the backseats of the family minivan, loading everyone in, following the triptik to your destination, arriving 2 days later, and spending an entire week without access to...

Easter Traditions

April 2015
While you probably won't see the Easter bunny if you are traveling to Italy this Easter, you will have the opportunity to experience many wonderful Pasqua traditions. The days prior to Easter host solemn processions and masses while Easter day is a...

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