Espresso on Wheels

Espresso on Wheels Espresso on Wheels

Today’s culture spotlights the food industry. Celebrity chefs, TV reality food competitions, local “foodie” restaurants, and “farm to table” eateries dominate the market drawing regular consumers to become fanatics over what used to be just a cheeseburger. Another phenomenon, not new to the game, is the ever-popular food truck. From as early as the Texas chuckwagon in the 1800s to today’s gourmet restaurants on wheels, the food truck has been a part of American culture. Post-recessionary factors (the “hip” and “chic” nature of street food combined with economic factors) fueled a more recent resurgence of the food truck. In fact, what used to be known as a “roach coach” or “gut truck” is now one of the most popular ways to grab lunch.

Michael Maghes has jumped on board the latest trend. Born and raised in the Akron area, Mike’s family on his mother’s side hails from Favara, Sicily. And, it was during a trip to Sicily to reconnect with family that Mike witnessed the passion that ensues in every café in Italy on a daily basis. Italians’ love for coffee is no secret, but it was the zeal of the café owners that caught his attention. He immediately knew he needed to find a way to create this café philosophy in Northeast Ohio, but add his own flair, of course. And, so, Café Arnone was born.

Café Arnone is a mobile Italian café serving espresso and gelato. In its third year of business, Mike is proud to say that his espresso truck business is growing steadily. “We took time to experiment to find the right menu items to satisfy our customers,” he said. It would seem he did just that. Importing his coffee directly from Livorno, Italy where he partnered with a fifth generation coffee company, Le Piantagioni del Caffe, Café Arnone’s customers offer rave reviews. “Our artisanal gelato is handmade locally here in Cleveland with flavors specific to our Italian theme, including our coffee beans for the espresso gelato. We also offer some limited bakery items, made to order, from Pallotta’s Pastries in Cuyahoga Falls.”

Where can we find Café Arnone this summer? Once a month the truck is at the “Coffee and Cars” event at Porsche in Beachwood, OH. The mobile café is also a part of Walnut Wednesdays in downtown Cleveland – where food trucks line up to serve customers on the corner of E. 12th and Walnut, complete with live music! In addition to other events, Café Arnone is available for private events, none being too large or too small. The best way to keep up with Café Arnone’s whereabouts is to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @CafeArnone. “Since we are a mobile business, our flexibility allows us to come to the customer. We customize our menu to meet the needs of our customers for any event.” / 330-285-1505 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.