Cooking with the Sicilians

The New York Times Journeys experience is offering curious travelers who love Sicilian cuisine a “Cooking with the Sicilians” exclusive trip next year. Departing on May 29 and Sept. 16, 2018, travelers will experience a 9-day journey delving into the cuisine and history of Sicily. Artisans, Michelin-starred chefs, olive farmers, and cheesemakers are all on the itinerary. Participants will learn how the different civilizations have influenced the flavors of the island as they meet traditional chocolate makers, seafood merchants, vintners, and others while sampling every aspect of traditional Sicilian cooking. The NYT Journeys provides world-renowned food experts to accompany the group. Highlights of the trip include a private cooking class with professional chefs, learning from local artisans about traditional cheeses, chocolates, olive oil, and more and visiting local historical sites such as the ancient Greek amphitheater in Syracuse. For pricing and a day-to-day itinerary, visit

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Sicily, but weren’t sure how to make the most of your trip, perhaps the NYT Journeys experience is for you!