Andare in Bicicletta

Winter is finally over which allows Italians of all ages to get their bikes out again for a ride. Some of the best bicycles have been built in Italy, as the long tradition of outstanding professional cyclists demonstrates.

Champions such as Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, who dominated the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in the 1940s and 1950s seemed almost unbeatable as they rode their made-in-Italy bikes to victory. Biking remains a popular form of entertainment and a sport practiced by many, even as the years go by (fig. 1).
The first bike for any child (fig. 2) is still an important moment, even though it has become so much more difficult to find the proper place for biking in today's urban environments (fig. 3). However, if one manages to get out and spend time somewhere nel paese (fig. 4), then the pace of things changes quickly and happily. Old country bikes (fig. 5) never fail to catch an eye, more so when they suddenly appear unexpectedly (fig. 6). In Alberobello, by the entrance of a trullo, (fig. 7), sat a long-standing mode of transportation for a local farmer back home from the fields at lunch. The green bike by a donkey (fig. 8), a very colorful model seen in Tuscany (fig. 9) and a white tricycle (fig. 10) no doubt used to transport goods for a local small business, are just a few of the many unusual bicycles encountered over the years. Bike rentals are now common in the city (fig. 11), a good way to explore without the hassle of parking a car (fig. 12). Biking in a group (fig. 13), certainly is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day with friends while building a hearty appetite as lunchtime quickly approaches (fig. 14).