Vita di Paese - Dal mare

As summer nears, nothing is better than a day spent by the sea (fig. 1). The sea gloriously surrounds Italy with an infinite coastline filled with small fishing villages and towns, routinely invaded by vacationing crowds during the peak months of July and August. Italians have a passion for pesce fresco (fig. 2) and will go to any extent to find that pescatore (fig. 3) selling his fish, usually caught locally just a few hours before. As one wanders around the city docks, it is not uncommon to find scores of old fishing boats (figs. 4,5) returned home after a long night spent roaming around dragging their nets (figs. 6,7) often in cold and rough waters hoping to fill them with abundant gifts from the seas. Finding that perfect hosteria (fig. 8) where spectacular pesce is neatly displayed (fig. 9), awaiting to land in the expert hands of Zia Maria (fig. 10),

the omnipresent cuoca busily creating her mouth-watering delicacies, is another benefit of the Italian coasts. Sample a fritto misto (fig. 11) or a fantastic variety of grilled shrimps, calamari and small lobsters (fig. 12).
As always, finish off the day al mare with a pleasant passeggiata along the water. Ciao!