La Primavera

With the arrival of spring, flowers (fig. 1) suddenly appear all over Italy. Italians love nature and its colors and excitedly await the primavera to take away the cold, the rain and the snow that afflicted the Peninsula for many months. Every window, courtyard and terrace fill up with blossoming floral creations (figs. 2-4) as the milder days allow for their beauty and aroma to finally take over. Local open markets quickly reappear offering plenty of choices (fig. 5) while, out in the countryside, fields of incredible beauty suddenly return (fig. 6) to the delight of everyone driving by. The open atrium of a local bookstore in Sperlonga (fig. 7) was so welcoming in its simplicity and elegance. A back alley in Spoleto (fig. 8) suddenly revealed a splash of spectacular red and pink geraniums by a rustic trattoria and a white vase filled with sunflowers and small roses (fig. 9) was the perfect touch at a small bar in Sicily. Colorful cascades of flowers can be seen all over; from Venice (fig. 10) to Umbria (fig. 11) to Tuscany (fig. 12). A spectacular array of flowers and herbs (fig. 13) adorned the entrance of a restaurant in Trastevere, the perfect stop after biking around the century-old part of Rome (fig. 14) during spring.