Italia di notte

Italy is a splendid travel destination at any time of the year since its beauty and endless treasures are available in every season. However, the feel and the atmosphere become so different and even more captivating once the sun has gone down. Walking around without large crowds is a special pleasure as one is able to enjoy places and situations at a much better pace. Rome (fig. 1) and Venice (figs. 2,3) are clearly unique, almost changing into a different reality at night as their unforgettable beauty and mystery are suddenly enhanced. However, small towns (figs. 4,5) and villages, often called borgo, can be even more spectacular as they have usually retained so much of the century-old history and traditions for which Italy is known. Life remains quite busy at night. Italians prefer to have dinner much later than Americans and the evening will often begin with an aperitivo (fig. 6) with friends. Restaurants remain open until very late and the options can be quite tempting; from a pizza (fig. 7) to a trattoria serving local specialties (figs. 8,9) to a quick panino con porchetta (fig. 10). However, nothing will help more than an enjoyable passeggiata after dinner to pleasantly end the evening. In Rome, Piazza Navona (fig. 11,12) is where you will find the locals until very late at night. Art vendors (fig. 13), gelaterie and gift shops are waiting for the after dinner arrivals. Outdoor musical performances (fig. 14) often occur, usually at no charge, where you can relax and enjoy the show before finally walking back home (fig. 15). Buona notte!