The "Real" Art of Italy

Artistic expressions are innate to the Italians and the world knows all about the unmatched masterpieces (fig. 1) created in our land over the centuries and the museums, art galleries and the cathedrals filled with celestial works. However, there is much more to see, if only one allows the eye and the fantasy to wander around a little! Fresh food markets (fig. 2) still function, even though their existence is threatened by ubiquitous supermercati. If you happen to visit one of these markets, you will soon realize why I’m writing of “real” art: the colors, the freshness and abundance of produce (fig. 3) and often their artistic display are quite a sight! Mounds of zucchini, peppers and artichokes (fig. 4,5,6) are offered to tempt the very savvy housewives in their daily spesa, as they plan the next few family meals, while ropes of fresh garlic and peperoncini (fig. 7) hang down from the top of the stands. Delightful mozzarella and a great variety of cheeses, salami and prosciutto (fig. 8,9,10) are always available, along with endless choices of pasta, gnocchi and various tortellini (fig. 11) with the perfect wine pairing, of course! The pasta “competition” can be tough at times so the right marketing (fig. 12) could be the winning factor to attract more customers. And, by all means, on the way home, why not stop for an authentic gelato (fig. 13) down the street? Hopefully your artistic culinary interest is now stimulated! Buon appetito to all!