The Life of Enzo Stuarti

Enzo Stuarti was an Italian American musical theater performer and tenor. He was born in Italy's capital city of Rome on March 3, 1919. His given name was Lorenzo Scapone. Enzo’s parents were Flavio and Maria Scapone. Flavio and Maria emigrated to the U.S. from Rome in 1922. They left young Lorenzo with an aunt, but she brought him to the monks of Monte Cassino Abbey where he was raised until he eventually reunited with his parents in 1934, when he was 15. Enzo then lived with his parents in Newark, NJ. He worked with his father, who was a baker by trade. In 1942, he married Esther Mesce and they had two children. 

In 1944, Enzo left the bakery to become a U.S. Merchant Marine. After his service as a Merchant Marine, he returned to sunny Italy to pursue his dream of being a professional tenor. He studied at the


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