Gucci: the Man, the Passion, the Legacy

Gucci Gucci

Guccio Gucci, a Florentine artisan, opened his very first leather goods and small luggage store 1921. He was passionately dedicated to his profession and took great pride in his work. Inspired by the refined English nobility, he observed while working at the Savoy Hotel in London, his goal was to return to Italy and apply his unique craftsman skills to the classy sensible style of the nobles. Shortly after, he experienced immediate success, especially with the sophisticated jet-setters on vacation in Florence, mainly looking for quality riding gear, which then led Gucci to expand the label with more equestrian-inspired bags, trunks, gloves, shoes and belts.

Fast forward 91 years and Gucci is one of the most celebrated and well known designer names in the world. Guccio Gucci's spirit of dedication inspires the brand's traditions today. His desire to create objects that last forever is the driving force of the historic Florentine label. The same skills he used to make the iconic leather goods, have been passed down from generation to generation, from hand-stitching handles, to assembling bamboo handles and preparing leather strips for stitching, nothing has changed in 91 years. This is why Gucci continues to focus and emphasize its heritage and long-lasting values in a world where just about everything is assembled by a machine or made in China.

To celebrate 90 years of successful business, last September, the Gucci Museo was opened in the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The museum provides an inside look at the iconic and unique pieces that created the history and culture of the maison, from the very first leather products to the iconic dresses worn by international actresses to the new Fiat 500 designed exclusively by Gucci.

Although 91 years have passed, Gucci, with its envied reputation, continues to deliver high fashion and inspirational style thanks to the simple fact that it never forgot its roots and always kept its rich and beautiful tradition alive of exclusivity, quality, Italian craftsmanship and fashion authority.