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The first Christmas

December 2009 |
The birth of Jesus, the Nazarene, happened in the most ordinary manner -- but it had such extraordinary repercussions for all of us on Earth. One simple moment in a manger, in the midst of poverty and hay, that changed our destiny forever. I have...

La Befana

December 2009 |
La Befana is one of the most popular legends from Italian folklore, and over the years the Epiphany has been a more celebrated holiday for the children of Italy than even Christmas. The Befana is an old, ugly lady with a big nose and grey hair. She...

Italy's living nativity

December 2009 |
Il Natale in Italia è una festa speciale: una celebrazione di speranza e della nascita di Gesù. Il simbolo natalizio più tipico è il presepio o la natività che, con una tradizione pluricentenaria, può...
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