Commemorating Caesar: Rome's Celebration during the Ides of March

While there are numerous Italian festivals that often celebrate fun, religion, or saints, other festivals are used to mark certain days that left a huge impact on Italian culture. Although the start of spring was originally celebrated on March 15, this date in 44 B.C.E. became an important mark in Italian history. The death of Julius Caesar took place on this day, and every year he is honored in the Roman Forum in Italy.

Due to Caesar’s assassination supposedly taking within the Roman Forum, the commemoration takes place here. The Roman Forum isn’t one location, but rather a large area consisting of many significant areas within itself, such as the Arch of Constantine and the Temple of Venus and Rome. Thousands of years ago, this site hosted a great deal of both construction and destruction during its most active years, and now people have been discovering new things about this area while preserving it as well. Now it is a well-toured and busy location.

While it is a pleasant area for tourism, the Roman Forum is also a popular location for festivities. The Commemoration of Caesar’s death is an annual festival that takes place in the site of his assassination at the Largo di Torre Argentina within the Roman Forum. The honoring of Julius Caesar occurs each year near his statue, and a reenactment of his assassination takes place before crowds of gathering Italian people. Flowers and gifts are often placed around Caesar’s statue in tribute to him, as well.

Julius Caesar was a both a politician and general who won the hearts of the Roman people many years ago. He did many impressive things with his power, including conquering many of his foes while caring for the people within his empire. When others close by him realized that Caesar was becoming too vain and too powerful, they assassinated him on March 15, which is known as the Ides of March. Although they wanted to save Rome and its people, the assassination had negative consequences. Not only did the people of Rome became hostile, but every conspirator against Caesar met his unfortunate end in a variety of ways as the years dragged on, including ship wrecks and war.

Caesar’s death was later adapted into Shakespeare’s famous play based off of the ruler, and references to his rule still persist to this day. The day to honor Julius Caesar in Italy is just one of many ways that his legacy lives on. Although thousands of years have passed since Caesar’s death, his story lives on through the culture of Italy and the celebrations of the Italian people. Whether or not one partakes in Italian culture, the annual reenactment in Rome is certainly a spectacle to observe.