Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Italian

In a world where people are judging by the color of our skin or the accent in our voices, be Italian. In our neighborhoods where families don’t always eat together and everyone stays inside, be Italian. At work where everyone is eating bologna sandwiches and potato chips, be Italian. Be proud of who we are! Our beautiful olive-colored skin doesn’t need to be tanned in the winter months and our voices are loud and sometimes sound like we just came from Pratola Peligna, but that’s because we speak with enthusiasm and passion. It may not always be Sunday dinner, but every night the Italian families eat together as families. When weather permits, we are outside enjoying the weather, probably with a game or two of Bocce Ball. There are no better sandwiches than a nice salami and prosciutto sandwich with provolone cheese and Italian bread. Who cares if we smell like Italian deli meats for the rest of day! The point I am trying to make is that there is no one better to be than our loud, family oriented, salami-loving selves.

It is my belief that Italians set the precedent on what it is to be a family-oriented person with good values and a hunger for life and dinner. Growing up, every night our family of six had dinner together, we spoke about our days, laughed, sometimes cried and were always there for each other. When the weather was nice, we were outside playing, having picnics and riding our bikes until the street lights came on. I remember in school, even in university and now, as a professional in the corporate world, people judging my thick, meat-stacked Italian deli sandwiches…until I let them try a bite. We show the world passion and love, we show compassion, we teach about who we are and where we came from. At first glance, we may get a judgmental look or comment, but once people get to know us, how we are, how we love and how we live, they want in.

Who doesn’t want to be Italian? We have the best food, the best families and the best upbringings. As a culture and as people in this ever-changing, pazzo world, be Italian.