The Delicacy of the Tartufo Bianco in Alba's White Truffle Festival

As the leaves change color and the air becomes cooler in Italy, autumn festivities and celebrations are alive throughout the country. In Alba, Italy, the well-known White Truffle Festival begins in early October, welcoming those who are a fan of the truffle's expensive notoriety and unique taste to come and try it in a variety of dishes and styles. Along with tasting this ingredient, there are more festivities and fun performances paired with the festival.

The truffle is an ingredient that carries great prestige and reputation in Italy and it is used in a variety of foods and cuisines. Although truffles are quite expensive, especially the white truffle, that does not stop the masses from occasionally indulging in the rich-tasting treat. Truffles are an ingredient that bring most any dish to the next level. For example, shaved truffles over pasta dishes are very common in Italy. Fish, poultry and other meat can also have a heightened flavor when being combined with truffle shavings. Truffles can even be shaved over scrambled eggs as well, a simple but well-loved treat!

Alba, Italy is an area known well for its truffles. With specially trained dogs or pigs handled by knowledgeable truffle hunters, truffles can be sought out in this area and used in various ways. Both the white and black truffle are used plenty, although the black truffle is typically reserved for cooking while the white truffle is used on dishes to add extra flavor. The white truffle is truly at its most desired during Italy's truffle season in autumn and the White Truffle Festival in Alba is just one of many celebrations used to celebrate the indulgence of such a tasty and historic treat.

Aside from eating truffle-inspired dishes during this festival, locals and tourists alike can also enjoy entertainment, performances, auctions, and races during the autumn celebrations. Tasters and chefs alike also have a chance to meet local farmers who supply food and truffles to the event as well as the local area. The White Truffle Festival is not just for celebrating the truffle, but rather for celebrating the hard work used to acquire the ingredient as well as the talent it takes to amplify dinners with it.

This year, the White Truffle Festival will take place on each Saturday and Sunday from October 6 until November 25. The autumn season in Alba, Italy is sure to be a tasty one and there are surely more years of delicious enjoyment to come. For now, enjoy the history and culture of Italy's White Truffle Festival and enjoy the taste as well!