Italy in March

March in Italy is the start of the spring season and although the weather is typically damp, rainy and chilly, March can still be a great time to visit Italy. So, pack your sunglasses and your umbrella and get ready to hit up the sites of one of the world’s best site-seeing countries. Being that the weather may be unpredictable, March is still the perfect time to explore Italy’s museums, theatres and churches. And, depending on the calendar, March may host Italy’s annual Carnevale festivals and Easter celebrations. It’s also a great time to attend the International Women’s Day celebrations, Turin’s chocolate festival and Open Monuments Weekend or choose from a multitude of indoor concerts: The Three Tenor’s, operas, ballets, and orchestras. Prices are still lower during this time of year than the “on-season” months. If you are planning on visiting Italy this month or looking forward to a trip next year, you’ll be pleased with what Italy has to offer in March.