Book Review "Ottavia e i Gatti di Roma"

This bilingual picture book in Italian and English is an adventurous story featuring two cats, Octavia and Julius, who call the ancient monuments of Rome their home. Children follow the cats as they journey through Rome’s most famous sites including the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum, to name a few. This book is a fun way to introduce American children to important landmarks in the Eternal City while giving parents the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills. The illustrations within are an eye-catching tribute to the Roman attractions. Claudia Cerulli has authored a number of bilingual children’s books. Inspired by her daughter and the desire to raise her fluent in Italian and English, Claudia used stories to tell her about the many beautiful things that belonged to her home country of Italy. Those stories eventually turned into books. “I hope that those who read my books will not only enjoy the story, but also will learn and become curious about a place, a fact, a tradition mentioned in the book. Every story I write contains something about Italy that I would like people to know about and hopefully enjoy as much as I do. Also, as a kid, I loved reading books and travelling with my imagination - and I still do! - so I write with the intention of transporting the reader to a far-away place and live a fun and interesting adventure.” “Ottavia e i Gatti di Roma” is available on Amazon.