La Gazzetta Italiana

The First Italian American First Lady in U.S. History

January 2021
Con grande piacere La Fondazione Nazionale di Italia ed America ha annunciato che Dr. Jill Biden sarà la prima donna di origine italiana a diventare First Lady accanto a suo marito Joe Biden che ha vinto l’elezione presidenziale. Biden prende le...

On the Cover

January 2021
In the mountains of northeastern Italy, between the borders of Trentino and Veneto, lies the Marmolada, the highest mountain of the Dolomites (a section of the Alps). The Marmolada’s size bestows its nickname as “La regina delle Dolomiti,” the...

Buffalo’s Sports Headliners and Insights

January 2021
“Buffalo’s Sports Headliners and Insights” by Al Bruno is a scholastic sports publication, an anthology, presenting 23 of his best sports stories and insights about Buffalo sports headliners. It is a refreshing look at notable Buffalo athletes...

Vacation Under the Sicilian Sun

January 2021
"Vacation Under the Sicilian Sun" by Remo Faieta describes the adventure numerous travel groups had on their vacation to Sicily. With description of the Island's scenic landscapes, intriguing history, fascinating archaeological sites, majestic Mt....

Switzerland and Italy Stop all cross-border train services

January 2021
Switzerland and Italy have suspended all cross-border train services indefinitely because train personnel do not have the capacity to carry out COVID-19 safety checks. Due to the surge in cases during the second wave of the pandemic, the Italian...

Italy Imposed Red Zone until January 6

January 2021
Italy has imposed travel bans, curfews and is not allowing Christmas markets in many of its regions. Many Italian regions are under a partial lockdown and a ban on travel between different regions from December 21 to January 6 has been announced....

Prime Minister Conte Postpone Ski Season

January 2021
At press time, Italian Prime Minister Conte, along with several other EU leaders are trying to coordinate a Europe-wide deal to postpone the ski season. Many Europeans travel all over the continent to different ski resorts over the Christmas...

The Italian Government is adding many incentives

January 2021
The Italian government is adding many incentives to entice consumers to pay electronically instead of in cash for products and services. A new cashback incentive launched in early December offers an automatic refund from the state to citizens...

Alitalia Flight COVID free

January 2021
The first “COVID-tested” flight arrived in Rome from New York in early December. The initiative designed to open air routes between the U.S. and Europe blocked by the pandemic was successful in its first flight. Passengers had to show they had...

Little Italy 2020 Holiday Ornament

December 2020
The 2020 Little Italy limited edition ornament is now available for purchase! The ornament can be purchased online at or in person at Small Screen Studios or Moonstruck CLE, both neighborhood businesses.

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