The Vera da Pozzo in Venice

Away from the tourist sites in Venice, one finds the neighborhoods where locals work, shop and raise their families. Roam the calle that lead you to a campi or corti where children play and seniors sit and chat with their neighbors. Often the route is punctuated by the remaining pozzi that were engineered to supply clean water to the residents of Venice.

Varying in size and design, the pozzi could showcase a striking design, but more often it was simple with artistic carvings adorning the sides of the wellhead. The pozzi were and still are a piece of art. 

Turning a corner or finding yourself at a dead end, you may be rewarded with a unique design on the local well or one repurposed by the locals as a mini garden. An area near the base of the wellhead often included a stone basin designed so that animals might drink here and not contaminate the


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