Francesca Montillo

Montillo’s “Lazy” Culinary Meals & Tours

ISDA member Francesca Montillo of Boston is the owner of Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures, a small company offering culinary tours to Italy as well as private Italian cooking classes. Aside from her new venture, Montillo also teaches at adult Boston-area education centers. Raised in southern Italy, Montillo acquired the traditions, cooking skills and fond memories of family meals lasting from lunch to dinner. Family treasures included the Christmas Eve meals that necessitated days of preparation. Teamwork consisted of growing and hand-picking olives from family trees to make the yearly supply of olive oil. Montillo’s father was a merchant selling local produce. And, whatever went unsold on any given day would find its way to the dinner table; always fresh, inventive and in season. Proud to bear the banner “lazy,” Montillo and her company have been active in media publications such as “Italian Cooking and Living,” “The Daily Meal” and “Pink Pangea.”

Southern Italian Cod Loins with Olives and Fresh Tomatoes

September 2016
Growing up in Southern Italy, I had the privilege of being surrounded by exceptional home cooks and bakers. My mom was a stay-at-home mom so she had ample time for cooking, and my dad was a produce merchant, so our home was frequently filled with...