Italian Beauties

I always enjoy looking at unique architecture. Italian cities and small towns are a great source of photographic inspiration!

This month I chose to share with you a series of images, some of which might be familiar already, hoping to nurture your interest and excitement for these Italian treasures.

Viterbo, about two hours north of Rome, was the Papal residence in the 13th century (figs. 1,2) until the Pope was able to safely return to the Vatican (fig. 3). 

Large castles were built throughout Italy and Europe as wars constantly erupted over the centuries. The castle in Bracciano (fig. 4) is often open to the public and well worth visiting.

The Rialto bridge in Venice (fig. 5) is one of the city’s iconic sites, leading into the historic market district.  along with the splendid S. Marco Square and the many beautiful churches and palaces.

Back in Rome, one can wander around the Isola Tiberina (figs. 6, 15), a tiny island within the Tiber River connected to the Eternal City by two small bridges. From there, it is only a short walk to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain (figs. 7-9), both on the way to the Piazza Navona area (figs. 10,11). Downtown Rome is rather compact and best seen on foot. Reaching the Roman Forum and the Colosseum (figs. 12,13) is a spectacular walk and the object of innumerable photographs by everyone visiting the city. 

The last image (fig. 14) was taken inside a small church in Umbria in one of many tranquil hilltop towns and villages, now often partially inhabited but still filled with charm and true traditions. Buon viaggio!

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