Il Carnevale

Il Carnevale is a serious time for Italians, as both children and their parents (figs. 1-3) get involved in this fun season. There are plenty of opportunities to show off masks and costumes on the street. The Italian lifestyle is much more all'aperto (weather permitting), creating the perfect scenario for some seriously theatrical moments. 

Costumes can be traditional such as Arlecchino or Pulcinella, however the influence of Disney and other similar productions have created newer characters (figs. 4-5) gradually becoming the favorites for everyone. 

The sense of joy mixed with amazement and excitement present on the faces of the children is enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to witness these spontaneous moments (figs. 6-8). It is undeniable that their parents also share in this simple happiness (figs. 9-11)!

One could easily meet a young Zorro and a Spongebob (figs. 12-13) as I did years ago while walking around Piazza del Popolo in Rome. A mother of a little sailor (fig. 14) was trying to ring up some other devilish friend of hers! 

If you or the children in your family were lucky enough to finally get dressed up this Carnevale, I really hope you had a very fun and safe time out there. As much fun as I know all these children did on that day in Roma. Buon divertimento a tutti!

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