As I looked at past images of Italy, I was captivated by the beauty of Spoleto (fig. 1) and its surrounding countryside. These images brought back memories of the friendly people I had met during that visit and, of course, the town (fig. 2), its food, and its wonderful atmosphere (figs. 3-4). 

Spoleto is a town rich with art and history and for several decades has been the site of the Festival dei due mondi, an idea from Giancarlo Menotti (figs. 5-6) who launched an annual city-wide artistic event in Spoleto and Charleston, SC. 

My visit took place a while before the beginning of the festival, unfortunately. Yet, the air was already filled with music and other artistic endeavors (figs. 7-8). Wandering around the town (fig. 9) was pleasant and relaxing as I enjoyed the beauty of the medieval architecture of the buildings, churches (fig. 10), and narrow streets. The realization that a very well-known Italian TV series had been shot around the places we were visiting made our day even more interesting as our mother recognized a restaurant (figs. 11-12) and other places she had seen on her TV!

Lunch and some shopping had to be part of the visit, since the Umbrian cuisine is so well-known for its mushrooms and truffle pasta dishes, prosciutto, and sheep cheeses, and, of course, local rosso

Before sunset, we were on our way back home, fortunately with little traffic as the main tourist season had yet to begin. We made it back with plenty of time to savor a spectacular and warm tramonto from our windows as the tagliatelle alla boscaiola were about to be served. Buonissime after a long day on the road!

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