Un Bel Gelato

I am not sure if this event (fig. 1) happens regularly in Italy, but it did a few years ago! Imagine a three-day extravaganza where any possible flavor of gelato can be tasted bringing total happiness to children and adults alike. A gathering of artisans and maestri del gelato eagerly share some of their recipes and unusual preparations (figs. 2,3,4), many of which can only be found in Italy. 

Like so many other products, gelato has become popular around the world mainly because of the skills and inventive capacity of the Italian gelatai with shops found anywhere from Roma, such as the world famous Bar tre Scalini (fig. 5) in Piazza Navona, to small towns and villages throughout the country (figs. 6,7). 

The flavors offered will often depend on the season and the local availability of key ingredients as freshness and quality are always paramount. Large commercial productions (fig. 8) are found as well, but most locals prefer an artisanal, locally-produced gelato (fig. 9) to enjoy while sitting at a favorite al fresco table (figs. 10,11), best if in the company of family and friends (figs. 12,13). 

Any occasion is a good one for Italian children to get more gelato, as these twin girls could attest on their sixth birthday. A gianduia, nocciola and crema torta gelato (fig. 14) they could hardly wait to dig into at the end of their family pranzo at a local trattoria was the perfect beginning of a new year for them. Che buona!


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