Italy, Now

The sudden, surreal, new reality now dominating the Italian way of life is hard to comprehend. How did it happen, how long is this going to last and at what price? As I follow the daily news developments out of Italy, I try to imagine what I might see today if I were landing at Fiumicino. Probably very few travelers unlike in the recent past (fig. 1) where large crowds (fig. 2) and festive shoppers (fig. 3) were typical of Roma, Napoli, Venezia, and other cities and towns. But, we need to accept the current dramatic emergency and exercise patience as I know that our beloved Italy will recover and be back as beautiful as ever!

While many may have had to cancel travel plans, this month’s photo exhibit hopes to serve as a lovely reminder of how beautiful and special our home country truly is. Venezia (fig. 4), will forever be my favorite place, somewhere I always wish I could wander and get lost on a long afternoon passeggiata. Civita di Bagnoregio (fig. 5) is a dreamy "ghost town" inhabited by barely a dozen people, but so rich with history and an incredible destiny. The tiny square in Calcata (fig. 6) is filled with artisan shops and local trattoria. This medieval borgo was once abandoned but has come back to life as a thriving artist colony, a wonderful, little, secret destination for an unusual day trip from Roma. For centuries, Ponte Vecchio (fig. 7) has elegantly crossed the Arno in Firenze. The Fontana di Trevi (fig. 8) will still be there in Roma, waiting for its visitors and their coins once this pandemic is resolved. 

I hope that this summer will again be filled with pleasant moments for tourists and vacationers coming back to the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi coast (fig. 9) and to the many inviting restaurants (fig. 10) eager to serve their wonderful culinary secrets. It will be so nice to once again watch a traditional sagra (fig. 11) or a historic event (fig. 12) somewhere, ending the day with the best pizza (fig. 13) in the world!

I truly hope these photos make you smile and maybe dream a little today. Best wishes to all for a healthy and safe Easter Season. 

Buona Pasqua!

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