Laundry Days

Did you ever notice the colorful laundry hanging out the windows to dry around Italy, particularly if you happen to wander around some small town (fig. 1) in the countryside? The usually small apartments, by American standards, where most Italian families live, have little space to spare and dryers are not commonplace. Furthermore, most "old fashioned" Italian housewives still prefer to dry their laundry all'aria fresca (fig. 2). This is a wonderful opportunity for a photographer to capture beautiful images (fig. 3), as I hope this article will prove!
Getting lost amidst the labyrinth of Venetian calle, away from the invasive daily rush of humans constantly assaulting the city, is the perfect way to get to know this small, incredible place. So unique in its sad destiny of unavoidable oblivion, hopefully in a very distant day, my laundry images of Venezia (figs. 4,5) are so dear to me. Their unmistakable message of life being still present and palpable lasts, in spite of it all!
Time-tested techniques have created simple, yet efficient methods of sharing lines (figs. 6,7) between facing buildings, which also become a good way to socialize and share gossip and the latest news floating around the neighborhood. The main challenge, particularly during the winter months, is the ability to keep up with the atmospheric conditions. But, Italians stay well-informed and manage to retrieve their laundry (fig. 8) as soon as needed.
Walking around small villages will not uncommonly reveal someone's laundry hanging along the way (figs. 9,10) under the distracted eye of the local feline, often with the added touch derived by some graffiti wall art (fig. 11).
As I look again at these images, I find myself wondering about modesty and privacy. I choose to just use my imagination and carry on!

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