Venditori Ambulanti

You might have noticed, whenever traveling throughout Italy, the ever-common presence of venditori ambulanti. These are the people trying to sell you anything imaginable as they frequently wander tourist areas offering often counterfeit and usually cheap merchandise at exorbitant prices. 

It is likely that most of these vendors work under some organized entity able to supply them with all sorts of goods, often poor imitations of the better-known Italian brands. They seem well trained to attract attention and will rarely give up! 

From colorful balloons (fig. 1) to posters and art creations filling Piazza Navona in Rome day and night (figs. 2,3), the options are never-ending and unusual. Things like the paper bird vendor (fig. 4) and the man trying to sell us live canaries (fig. 5)! 

Toys and gimmicks targeting children are rather common (fig. 6), as are miscellaneous antiques and framed pictures (fig. 7). Women’s bags and other seasonal accessories, often copies of the latest Italian fashion creations, are sold everywhere (figs. 8,9), while very skilled soap bubble artists (fig. 10) try to mesmerize you with their talents!

If you happen to visit one of the many sagra di paese, usually being celebrated during the warmer seasons in many small towns and villages, you will run into local farmers selling excellent local food items (figs. 11,12) or very fresh fish if visiting seaside locations (fig. 13). These kinds of encounters should be more than welcome by any visitor, since the freshness and quality of groceries and other products found at those locations are usually highly desirable! 

And finally, Italy being a very musical land...don't forget to tip the young musician (fig. #14) performing a wonderful Vivaldi melody at that corner!

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