Most everyone who has traveled to Rome has arrived to Fiumicino International Airport, to then be transported by car or train to the Eternal City. Many do not realize that Fiumicino is a small fishing town, located at the outlet of the Tiber River into the sea. Its riverwalk is where fishing boats return with their catch of the day (fig. 1) which is then quickly brought into local seaside fish markets (fig. 2) where eager shoppers await (figs. 3,4)!

Plenty of restaurants and eateries are found all along the boardwalk (fig. 5), serving fresh fish-based delicacies and wonderful dinners attracting a constant flow of Romans eager to enjoy a day outdoors near the water, while feasting on a seafood risotto, some grilled tuna steak or a quick serving of fried calamari and alici.

La Marina (fig. 6) was a great find on my last visit to Fiumicino. We found a wonderful atmosphere inside and outdoors, along with the best seafood we could ask for! Gianni, the local entertainer, serenated us (fig. 7) while waiting for the grilled antipasti to arrive (fig. 8) followed by a wonderful meal (fig. 9) prepared by owners Alessandro and Simone (fig. 10).

Then, one more passeggiata along the river (figs. 11-13) before returning home. Che bella giornata!

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