The “father of tiramisù” Aldo Campeol passed away

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>The “father of tiramisù” Aldo Campeol passed away Rachel Roddy/The Guardian

Ado Campeol, the man known as the “father of tiramisu,” died recently at the age of 93. Campeol's restaurant, Le Beccherie, has long been considered the birthplace of tiramisu, the sweet Italian dessert that has become a global favorite at the dinner table. Roughly translated as "pick me up," tiramisu typically consists of ladyfingers soaked in coffee separated by layers of an airy cream made by whipping together egg yolks, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. The top is sprinkled with cocoa powder, and


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