Pope Francis sent 15,000 Ice Creams

Pope Francis sent 15,000 ice creams to prisoners to help them cool down during what has been one of the hottest summers on record in Italy. The ice creams were delivered to Rome’s two prisons, Regina Coeli in the center of the city and Rebibbia on the outskirts, by the Vatican’s almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski. In a statement, the Vatican said the pope’s charities office “did not go on holiday” this summer. Instead, Vatican volunteers spent their time “continuing to devote themselves, among other things to two of the seven works of mercy: visiting prisoners and consoling the afflicted.” The donation was among one of several “small evangelical gestures” made during the summer “to help and give hope to thousands of people in Rome’s prisons,” the statement added. In June, about 20 inmates from Rebibbia prison met the pontiff before joining him on a visit to the Vatican Museums. The Vatican’s charity office also took small groups of homeless people “to the sea or the lake … for an afternoon of relaxation and dinner in a pizzeria.” In addition, the charity has provided free Covid-19 tests and vaccinations to Rome’s homeless and those in poverty. This summer has been one of the hottest on record in Italy, with Syracuse, a city in Sicily, logging a high of 119.85F in August, potentially the highest temperature recorded in Europe.

Quest'estate è la più calda mai registrata in Italia. A Siracusa, in Sicilia, faceva quasi 50 gradi Celsius. Di conseguenza, Papa Francesco ha mandato 15000 gelati ai detenuti a Roma giacché faceva molto caldo. Le prigioni, Regina Coeli e Rebibbia, hanno ricevuto il dono dal Papa. Il Vaticano ha dichiarato che gli uffici vaticani non sono andati in ferie quest'estate; invece, hanno dato il loro tempo per aiutare i detenuti e gli afflitti. Il Vaticano ha detto che il dono era per anche portare un po’ di speranza ai detenuti. Due mesi fa, il Vaticano ha portato 20 detenuti ai musei vaticani, hanno portato un gruppo di senzatetto romani al mare per rilassarsi, hanno dato le pizze ai senzatetto, e hanno aiutato le persone nel ricevere i vaccini.